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Back when I was a young, Candlestick Park was a nasty place. You had to wear a puffy down jacket to ward off the chill. You had to bring the scratchy wool car blanket, one that was probably covered with burrs from the last picnic, out of the trunk. If you were of a certain age – and I don’t mean 21 – you had to brink a flask.

And if the Dodgers were in town, you had to watch your back.

AT&T has a much different vibe. It’s not as cold. It’s not as nasty. And the Giants haven’t completely sucked for as long as they had back in the day (though, in truth, they’ve been pretty sucky lately – just in a nicer environment and with better pitching). But tonight the vibe could get downright Stick-ish. Read the rest of this entry »

11 Sep 2009

Fight Night: Giants-Dodgers, and it means something

Author: AnnKillion | Filed under: Bay Area Sports

The San Francisco Giants top prospect gets a surprise nod tonight. Madison Bumgarner – who has chewed through Single A and Double A competition for the past two seasons – is going to be on the mound.

The excitement of finally getting a chance to see the prospect the Giants prize above all others is severely tempered by concern over the player the Bay Area prizes above all others. Tim Lincecum was scratched with a back problem, making way for Bumgarner. That raises the specter of concern that followed Lincecum into the draft – that the incredible torque he puts on his small frame is a recipe for injury. Read the rest of this entry »

8 Sep 2009

SF Giants Unveil Jewel of Farm System Tonight

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