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This busy sports Saturday is interrupting my college football watching ( Good job Bruins! Way to win a very tough road game. Young Lance Kiffin is looking pretty wobbly in Tennessee already).

The U.S. Open rainout is the only thing that made this a Saturday where I could manage my sports intake (thanks Rafa for dispensing with Gonzalez in about 32 minutes this morning before the rain started) and participate in the rest of my life.

The day’s big news: the Sharks finally delivered on their longtime promise of Big Changes.  They acquired Dany Heatley, giving up Cheeeeeeech and Milan Michalek.  And Richard Seymour finally arrived in Raiders camp. Read the rest of this entry »

13 Sep 2009

Resolution Saturday: Seymour Arrives, Sharks Deliver

Author: AnnKillion | Filed under: Bay Area Sports

It’s pretty difficult to make a 6-foot-6 man – one referred to by his teammates as “a beast” – vanish. But apparently Houdini had nothing on the Oakland Raiders for making something disappear into thin air.

The Raiders – who thought they traded a 2011 first-round pick for Seymour on Sunday – are still waiting for Seymour to appear in Oakland. Seymour is laying very low, though there have been reports that he’s still at home in New England.

The Raiders will practice tonight at the Oakland Coliseum, in an attempt to prepare for their Monday night opening game against the San Diego Chargers and LaDanian Tomlinson. Tomlinson has averaged 111 yards per game against the Raiders over the past eight years – emblematic of the Raiders overall problems against the run. Read the rest of this entry »