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Just got back from a press conference over at Cal for Tierra Rogers.  As an adult, I’m stunned by her composure.

I don’t know how an 18-year old – who has been through what she’s been through in the past 20 months – could sit in front of a bank of cameras and notepads and answer questions calmly and rationally. Sometimes with a shy smile on her face.

Rogers, in case you don’t know, has been hit with double tragedies.

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9 Oct 2009

Cal’s Tierra Rogers – Remarkable Kid

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I’ve learned that:

*That the flu – both my own and my daughter’s – puts a real dent in tweeting and blogging. Suddenly lying flat and watching “Across the Universe” becomes much more important.

*That when Eddie D. shows up the party really gets rolling. Still. The event on Saturday night at the Palace Hotel in downtown San Francisco was reminiscent of the high-rolling 49ers of the past – and you have to credit the Yorks for doing it up in style.

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23 Sep 2009

Things I’ve Learned In Recent Days

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