Ann Killion on Olympics

You’ve probably heard that they’re having a little problem up in Vancouver in preparation for the Winter Olympics.

They’re missing a crucial ingredient. No, not Michele Kwan.


Here is a story about the problem. But it’s not that surprising. Canada likes to think of itself as the land of tough guy winters. But when it comes to the Olympics, this isn’t the first time they’ve had issues producing enough winter.

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24 Jan 2010

O Canada: Where’s the winter?

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In a stunning development, Chicago was the first team eliminated in this morning’s vote on awarding the 2016 games.

It’s quite a slapdown – Barack Obama traveled all the way to Copenhagen to pitch the case for his adopted hometown and U.S. media was presenting Chicago as the frontrunner.

But this isn’t the worst development in the world. And not, in truth, a real shock.

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2 Oct 2009

Chicago Eliminated: Sorry Obama, but not the worst thing

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