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23 Sep 2009

Things I’ve Learned In Recent Days

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I’ve learned that:

*That the flu – both my own and my daughter’s – puts a real dent in tweeting and blogging. Suddenly lying flat and watching “Across the Universe” becomes much more important.

*That when Eddie D. shows up the party really gets rolling. Still. The event on Saturday night at the Palace Hotel in downtown San Francisco was reminiscent of the high-rolling 49ers of the past – and you have to credit the Yorks for doing it up in style.

The place was packed with superstars and there was a true familial feeling. Even a lowly reporter like me was made to feel that I had been a part of something truly special – and it was. Covering those glory years was a blast, especially compared to the awful football I’ve witnessed in recent years.  I only stayed a short time – had a high school reunion to attend – but needed to pay respects to the Godfather, DeBartolo. Also a chance to see my favorite football coach of all time: George Seifert. Other big names: Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Steve Mariucci, Ronnie Lott, Eric Wright, Charles Haley, John McVay, Roger Craig, Geri Walsh – whose husband Bill was sorely missed. Here is a column I wrote about the night for

* That Cal is a contender for the Rose Bowl and that Jahvid Best is a legitimate contender for the Heisman. I wrote about Best last week for, and he made me look smart with a five-touchdown Saturday. But I never dreamed that USC would lose to Washington, a team that went winless last year. That changes the whole picture for Cal (pipe down, Cal fans, who have since said to me that they wished they had been the ones to deflower the Trojans. Take what you can).

* That people have a lot of strong feelings about Serena Williams. My column for generated reams of interesting, well-thought out emails (which were split about 50-50 between, “Thank you, I agree with you,” and “You are a complete moron.”)

* That what Mike Singletary started last year wasn’t a fluke.  When he took over the 49ers midseason, the energy and change was immediate and obvious. That’s why I thought he deserved the job and why I didn’t mind the 49ers hastily handing it to him on the last day of the season.  The vibe and sensibility and accountability he instilled in the second half of last season seems to only have grown.  The 49ers right now are – dare I say it? – fun to watch.

- That JaMarcus Russell is running out time on the “he’s just learning the system” excuse.

- That the Giants are done. Tuesday night’s outing in Colorado was miserable. They’re out of steam and we’re left wondering what’s wrong with Matt Cain, who has only won one game since late July. But it was a fun run while is lasted.

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